Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malaysian Women's Weekly

"Sha!!! Oh my God!! WOW! I think this is your best one!"

"Sue, what on earth are you talking about?!" I reply to one of my oldest school friends over the phone when she called me.

"Your cover with Malaysian Women's Weekly lah!"

As soon as I could, I went out and bought it to have a look. No matter how many times this may happen (and hopefully it's more!) I don't think I will ever get used to seeing a picture of my self looking back at me from a magazine stand in a shop.

For my international readers (since I now realise there are many of you :) ), below is the main picture inside the magazine as part of the article and the article.

Sasha doesn't believe in blending in with the crowd and neither should you. She shares her top fashion ideas to up your wow factor...

"I'm a huge accessories fan. With my style being simple, I layer ethnic necklaces I find in Indian shops in Brickfields with vintage earrings or rings. That's how you can make a statement." For Anugerah Juara Lagu in January, Sasha opted for Jovian Mandagie's dress that was reminiscent of a modern day princess. "The thing that struck me was the colour of the gown and the detailing was really unique. I also matched a stack of gold bangles I'd gotten earlier to complete the look."

Sasha is always playing dress up. "One should never wear the same clothes the same way. I love to play dress up so most of my weekends are spent mixing and matching my clothes," laughs Sasha. "When I try out my clothes, I ask, 'what can I add' It could be a beret or a long chain, but that extra touch makes it different."

"I'm into vintage clothing. I mix contemporary pieces with vintage for a unique look. It's all about how you put everything together" says the star, who enjoy's trawling through her mother's or best friend's wardrobes. When I was in Australia last year, I help my mum's best friend srping clean her house and we came across her wedding dress from the 1950's. It was white and in good condition and I loved it". In true Sasha style, she wore the gown to the recent Anugerah Skrin recently but avoided looking like a lost bride on the red carpet by painting her nails blood red and having her hair down.

When it comes to fashion trends, you need to wear outfits that work for you, not follow trends blindly. "A few years ago, I wore a blak and white polka dot tights, hat and t-shirt to a friends gathering. When I looked back at the photos taken that night, I was horrified. My mum and sis had tried to stop me from steppingout in that ensemble but I was adamant! I've since sworn off polka dots." She says it's fine line being staying true to yourself and being adventurous.

A well made item can take you far, says Sasha. "Buy things hat last. They needn't be very expensive, but of good quality. Proper storage and care for your fashion items can also make a difference".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for replicating the article for your international fans !

And yes,,I think this is your best cover yet.


kEyrOL~ said...

hi sasha~
I read your blog everyday~
but this is my very 1st comment for you..hhehe :P

I also think malaysian women's weekly is your best!!!
u really look different on the cover!
go get a copy ppl~

MsPea said...

U are tremendously gorgeous! Out of several covers, I like this one the most!! Will go grab one after work!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sasha..! Thanx a lot for the mag cover, photo and articles.. And yes this is your best cover.. ;)

Zeti Zainal said...

Hi Sasha,
Have to agree with you friend, this is your best cover!

butterbrownie said...

i absolutely agree sasha..u look demure and chic !

Malaywood said...

sasha, this IS your best!
personally, i think all your work hard, diet, gym, and all , WORKS!

hats off to you!

your eyes, your body, hair everything just blended so well.

p/s : even your chick doesnt look slimmer!.hehe!

Malaywood said...


Malaywood said...

*even your cheek looks slimmer!

fidah said...

hi sasha.. u look gorgeous in the cover...

Ayu said...

i love ur dress there... i love ur make up..
take care & stay gorgeous..

Zeti Alya said...

alahai bestnya dapat pakai dress and glam up cam u.... i will never ever look as good in such dress :)

farhana...=] said...

bloody hell mate!!!
u look so...words cannot describe ur beauty...too beautiful i u really look good on that mag cover..=]

zura said...

yeah i agree with all the commentators above. your make up was superb and your dress was gorgeous! go get some tips from that make up artist. hehe.. i like how he/she did your eyes :)

take care!