Sunday, May 18, 2008

Four Seasons in Langkawi

This weekend I was invited to the Four Seasons in Langkawi for a private wedding anniversary party. I have heard many things about the Four Seasons...saying it's one of the most beautiful hotels in Malaysia.

I have not been to absolutely every hotel in Malaysia, but I do agree that it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to.

These are some photos I took around the hotel.

This a photo of the moroccan style lamps at the entrance.

Another huge light feature at the entrance area.

One of the private swimming pools.

All I was told of the weekend's plans were that the exchanging of vows would be held on the beach at sunset and the colour theme for all to wear is white.

I barely had time to pack for the trip let alone think what to wear. So I just threw into my suitcase the 3 white dresses that I have (I'll decide which one is suitable when I get there I told myself), some tops, a pair of jeans, a black cocktail dress and another evening dress but I had a good little selection of accesories packed, because I totally agree with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe who was responsible for the amazing transformation of Nicole Ritchie from fashion disaster to fashionista that the accessories are more important than the clothes. You can be wearing the plainest t shirt and jean, add some accessories and it will glam it all up.

So these are the accessories that came along.

Shoes - white from Sungai Wang. no idea what brand. gold from Enzo Angiolini. Blue from Marc Jacobs. Black from Far East plaza in Singapore. again no idea what brand. slippers from stalls in Bali.

Hand bags - gold from Versace. Black from Asprey. Gold bag was used before at Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Jewellery - Long charm like chain from Coach. Bangles from Brickfields. Circle earrings from Oscar de la Renta. I wore both the earrings and bangles to Anugerah Juara Lagu as well with the Versace handbag with Jovian Mandagie's green flowing dress. Big gold earrings from YSL. Diamante earrings and flower necklace from the vintage market that is held at Covent Garden in London. It's every Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm not sure. Readers in London, I really think it's worth going to the vintage market. If I were a student studying in London, I would go almost every week. Small citrine and silver earrings from Bali and gold choker necklace from Sungai Wang. Reason I brought mostly gold jewellery is cause I just prefer white with gold than silver.

Ceremony on the beach was so beautiful! The 'aisle' was fully created with white petals.

I chose to wear this white dress with the flower necklace, gold bag and white shoes. I found the dress in a really crowded clothes rack which had lots of clothes tangled up in H&M when I was in London last year.
It cost me only 5 pounds! It was a bit dirty when I found it. But that didn't stop me from buying it cause i thought to myself "Tak pe, boleh basuh kan!" And at such a cheap price I thought it was worth it. Someone else we all know has the exact same dress too.

Madonna designed this dress as part of her M by Madonna range for H&M and wore this dress to the launch.

As I was wathing the last episode of CSI, the one where the cowboy dies, reminded me of Madonna's cow girl image phase for her Music album a few years ago.

More from Four Seasons in Langkawi coming in next posting.


Anonymous said...

owh nice..! how sweet..! wedding anniversary on the beach.. :)

i always love white dress.. esp the one like the Greek Goddess white dress.. and it always comes with gold accessories too.. :) i love it..! XD

farhana...=] said...

i have stayed in the four seasons pulau langkawi..nothing much to shout out about..its nice how r the photos coming up?

Malaywood said...

sweet and simple.
i wanna get married on the beach jugak lah! hehe!

you look great, sasha! much better than madonna!


p/s : i like h&m too! better than topman.

Serena said...

nice dress~~! and the price is OMG!