Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I don't really have any photos to upload but I do have lots to tell about what happened over the weekend during Jom Heboh Perlis.

We left Sri Pentas by bus at about 9am on Friday. A few hours later I started to feel ill. I really hate getting sick while travelling. I kept hoping it wouldn't get too bad. But I kept getting worse. When we stopped at a public toilet on the way, I almost threw up in the sink and my face was pale. My hair was starting to resemble a bird's nest again and generally I looked and felt absolutely terrible. In the public toilet, 3 teenage girls were standing behind me, looking at me. Suddenly one of them said,

"Kakak ni Sasha Bashir kan..yang host Explorace tu dulu kan?"

Aiyoh... to make matters worse, she was holding her handphone and from experience, when someone approaches me holding their handphone that way, they usually want to take a picture with me. I smiled...and said yes, I am Sasha Bashir, even now when I'm sick... After looking at me for a few seconds, she put her handphone back in her pocket... I think she changed her mind about taking a picture with me... I don't blame her...

When we arrived at the Jom Heboh Perlis location, I took a few steps away from the bus, and suddenly the hot sun was just too much for me. I started throwing up.. in the drain.... great... And then I suddenly remembered I was rostered to host the Pagi@JomHeboh segment the next morning. At that point, I had no idea how I was going to get through it.

Next morning, I hosted with Zakiah and Azura. I hosted all of the booth segments which meant I had to do a lot of running. At one point, I finished one segment and the last thing I heard Ally Iskandar who was producing the show say to me through my earpiece was "Ok Sasha, commercial break now, 2 mins, run to the Hotlink booth... NOW!"

So I ran across the field. I'm telling you, it really was at the other end... When I got there, as soon as I put my ear piece in, I literally only had a few more seconds to go til we were live on air again. Talk about adrenalin rush... I don't know how I got through that morning segment considering how horrible I felt the day before.

Because I was still feeling a little queasy from my little throwing up episode the previous day, I barely ate on Saturday, which proved to be a blessing in some way. Because on Sunday morning, almost everyone involved in Jom Heboh got some level of food poisoning. Many charcoal pills and other pills to help cope with food poisoning were consumed that morning. Luckily I was ok.

I got another idea to do a photo shoot with Jay. 4 different looks. portrait shots. When he came to my house briefly yesterday, I showed him and told him the ideas... One of the things I love about Jay is that not only is he a great photographer, he's very enthusiastic about doing photo shoots and trying new ideas. After I showed him what I would like to do, he straight away said, "Cool! I like it! When do you want to do this?" .... I love working with people like Jay... There are still many more photos from my previous Sunday shoot I did with both him and Aiemax..will put them up as soon as I get them.

Til then, there is more work to be done...

We hoped that having Lord Derbyshire neutered would calm him down a little bit. WROOOONG! He is still driving all of us crazy! I pity Joberg and Tippex the most. Tippex has had to hide behind the microwave so that Lord won't get near him. And Joberg and Tippex sometimes look at me and I can tell from the expression on their face that they are thinking, "Is he here? Is it safe for us to walk around? Why does he have to be here?"

When Lord can't find the others he looks at me.."Where is everyone? I want someone to play with! Why doesn't anyone want to play with me?!"



Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

hi Sasha.

i've been your silent reader all this while but today i decided,

silent no more !!

haha. drama only.

by the way, my 8 year old cat, Jett, was neutered 6 years ago, and still very very aggressive. (luckily not to us family members)

people told me that after kena 'snip snip', they'll calm down, but unfortunately for us, tak jadi apa punnnn???

farhana...=] said...

what an interesting weekend u had..i came up with an equation 4 ur weekend:
haha.. well, yeah dat sumhow reflects ur weekend now does it? =]

farhana...=] said...

cum visit my blogspot =]

aishah said...

hi sasha..great to know that u re here to update us more and more. huhu. keep it up! and owh, you are so into your cats. which is good. they are beautiful!

Umi Mia said...

what a terrible day u've gone thru...but still very committed...respect lah......

tabik spring..toing..toing..toing..

Malaywood said...

sasha, youve been tagged!

Emma said...

i saw u covering the morning..but u look sihat & cergas aje.. i was thinking, eh sasha la. I read her blog. Hihi.

butterbrownie said...

talk about a bad sorry to hear this sasha.hope ur well already

MsPea said...

Lord Derbyshire will continiously act like a Lord and conquer the world he thinks belong to him.. Besided Shasha always back him up in any consequences kan.. hehehe...very notty tau!

I never neuter my Robyn and she is 8 months old now. Recently she acts so weird, meow sana, meow sini with her few different bizzare voices. I dunno either she is boring at home alone (with no frens when everyone is off to work), or is she ready enough to be mating with her real tommycat??
It is really breaking my heart when hear she meows like that, (I usually bring her out for walk and she likes it a lot) but after a while she is at home, she will start meowing again.. So kesian.
Shasha, do you have any good advices what should I do to help my Robyn? :(