Monday, June 23, 2008

loving Thierry Mugler

As I was going through the clothes in the second hand shop I knew that I would find something. And find something I did. Two Thierry Mugler jackets. I think they are either late 80's or early 90's.
Mugler's biography as sourced from Wikipedia is as follows.

Mugler's early training was as a ballet dancer but he also studied design and created garments for friends at the same time. He moved to Paris in 1970 and worked as a window-dresser, designing clothing as a side job. He launched his first line Café de Paris in 1973, and founded his own label for women two years later, to be followed by designs for men in 1978.

Mugler's work over the next two decades had a style that was very much of its time: it was strong, angular, sometimes almost cruel. Shoulders were wide and padded; waists were wasp-like. Prints were banished: Mugler's clothes came in solid, dominating colours. Collars had exaggerated points, or flamelike cutouts. The insect kingdom was a constant influence, as were the ladies and gentlemen of film noir. In his most extreme runway garments, PVCwas often used, as were space and robot themes. Mugler's fashion house did not survive the 1990s, though vintage versions of his more wearable clothes are still popular on auction sites like eBay.

1997 saw the start of a lucrative partnership with the French cosmetics and skincare company Clarins the most well-known Thierry Mugler fragrances being Angel (the most popular perfume in France) and A-men fragrances. The Thierry Mugler company is now known best for its perfume division: the couture division was closed in 2003, and all Thierry Mugler ready-to-wear is now produced under licence agreements, as is a line of eyewear.

Meanwhile, Mugler turned to other artistic interests. He published two books featuring his fashion designs and photography, controversially inspired by Stalinist propaganda: Thierry Mugler (1988) and Fashion Fetish Fantasy (1998). In 1992, Mugler directed the video for George Michael's Toot Funky featuring a parade of Mugler fashions including the famous motorcycle dress.

More recently, Mugler collaborated with Cirque du Soleil on its 2003 show Zumanity at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

When I wore his jacket to the set of the tv drama, two of the other actresses kept looking at it.

"That's a really cool jacket!"

" gila!"

pause.... "Can I try it on please?!"

Somehow, the way it's cut, it's not just a black jacket....

So now I am on the lookout and hunt for Thierry Mugler items on ebay and other vintage websites. His designs are a little scary but his somehow if you just tone it down with simple jeans you can still wear it.

If you're interested to watch a video of interview with Thierry Mugler and footage from his fashion shows in the 90's, just click here

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