Monday, June 02, 2008

another question...

Hi Sasha,

I have a ball to attend to in June and believe it or not, I have not even decided on what to wear! I am small in size (1.55m), 21 years old and most importantly, I badly want to hide some bulges, thus each time I try on a dress in those-only-for-the-tall and lean-ladies boutiques, I feel my self-esteem drop a notch as they just hug at the wrong places and show off those buldges that I desperately want to hide. I am at a loss on what I could possibly wear which is not only comfortable but will show off my outgoing personality. =B

I was wondering if you could offer some advices on how to find suitable dresses for ladies out there who have different body shapes and sizes.

It would really help and I personally would really really appreciate it!

I totally understand the feeling! I have tried on many pieces of clothing that 'hug' or 'grab' me in all the wrong places. This is why I love flowing dresses so much. They hide everything! Here is what you could try to look and more importantly feel fantastic when you go for your ball.

1 - get good underwear
Those body suit things that act as a second skin is fantastic for just smoothing over the body. Wearing underwear that is too tight only high lights bulges.

2 - High heels
High heels are one of the greatest inventions ever! And with the current fashion of having the platforms in the front only makes it easier to add at least 3 inches to your height immediately. Invest in a good pair of heels.

3 - Alteration
No big deal if the dress is too long. Get it shortened at a tailor. Why stress yourself trying to fit into clothes that only make you feel bad about yourself. Life is too short. So many clothes out there. Make the clothes fit you. For example, a particular dress would look great on you if only it were a bit shorter and the top part is a bit loose. Don't worry, get it all altered. I cannot even begin to tell you how many of my clothes have been altered to fit me. I have sent up to 3 paper bags full of clothes to be altered at the tailor at a time.

4 - Try Zara
I notice Zara has a lot of nice printed flowing dresses at the moment. And yes, they are very long, even for me. Try some of those cause the loose flow of movement will hide anything you want to hide. Most of them have spaghetti straps which means your arms will be showing. If you don't want to show your arms cause you are self concious for whatever reason, not to worry. They would look great with a little cropped jacket in a colour matching the dress. Add a brooch to the jacket, wear your really high heels, nice clutch and you will be ready to go!

Fashion does not have to be difficult. Make it work for you!


nurul said...


Thank you so much Sasha for the advice!

I will definitely follow it!

You put on a huge smile on my face!


syida said...

hi sasha..
i love all ur pic in women's weekly... best cover among all ;)

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yukidaruma said...

I wish I had any chances to wear such or any night dresses....only in my dreams je kot..
and I also wish I had professionally photographed....
but..being an average jane,I can only dream je..
nice blog by the way..really enjoy reading yours...

butterbrownie said...

sasha..after this entry..i got so inspired to make fashion work for me that i rushed to zara and bought the flowery long dress for everyday wear..i have been eyeing the trend and hesitant to wear it, but now i say make fashion work for us, not the other way round.thank you and its my fav piece of spring.;)