Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fashion wish list

three things currently topping my fashion wish list. Hoping and asking my fashion fairy godmother to help me get these items on discount somewhere somehow. And still have to do some overtime work to pay for it all...

1 - Lanvin dress

I loved the Spring Summer Lanvin collection. So feminine and I love the use of ruffles. I have spotted this black lanvin t-shirt dress at an online designer store and I am just waiting and hoping that they still have my size when they go on sale. of course when i emailed them asking them when is their next sale, they said they only have very few pieces and basically hinted I should buy it now at full price. hellllloooooooo!!! I don't find money in my rubbish! I work long hours for it. and I have heard the whole, 'we've got very limited pieces, you should just get it now' sales pitch so many times only to find out that they do have more. while it is still expensive, it is much cheaper than the runway pieces, captures the enssence of the collection and is a timeless design, and on sale, i just might be able to afford it.

Recently at a private event, I saw a lady wearing this white ruffled lanvin top from the same collection. She wore it with grey jeans, silver sequinned Christian Louboutin shoes and with a matt silver chanel clutch with the iconic chanel camelia flower on it. Simply stunning....

I have heard from a friend that the Lanvin shop in Singapore is pretty good with a good selection of stuff. And while I was there recently I didn't go... aiyoh.... the Lanvin shop at Starhill in KL is boring.

2 - Fendi B watch

I went to Fendi to pick up my dark grey fendi B Belt which I did get on sale (yay!) - which I think would look great worn with the lanvin dress above - and saw a silver version of this watch.

When I tried it on, it looks, cool, rugged, elegant and chic all at the same time. The diamonds in it are very appealing too. If I get it..... ok, ok... WHEN I get it (power of positive thinking here) it will be one of the few things I own with real diamonds.

3 - Classic Chanel ballet flats

Easy, comfortable and great for those days where my feet and back just can't handle me wearing high heels anymore.

Now, I better get some work done.... :)


Anonymous said...

hi Sasha,
today i bought my very first vintage jewellery..a black necklace.. quite pricey thou..AUD$20, but like it..wearing it now :),


farhana said...

good to know that u have a fairy fashion godmother..dat explains all the good and well matched dressings..btw, the watch looks good..and so do the shoes and the dress as well..good luck in getting em..

Alicia Pound said...

Yay!Finally found Sasha's blog!Great taste and love your elegance.
Great hosting too!

fidah said...

hi there... would like to ask u.. which site that u go to find a good item...

swit@kon said...

waaaaaaa..the chanel ballet pumps is SO tempting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I luv the Chanel ballet flats...I'm dying to own a pair but it's just too pricey for me

Obefiend said...

i dunno about the dress sasha, i think its too frilly,. but i tell you what, i think the shoe is very very cute. my wife would love the,..note to self. buy them for our next anniversary.

Malaywood said...

brilliant taste! grab it, own it!

uuuuuuuu geram tgk the watch and lanvin.superbbbbbbbbb!

p/s: what do you think of zac posen?

B. said...

hey sasha.
i've been a silent reader for so long. (i think) lol
now its time for me to come out from my shell. :D
i definitely love your blog and your sense in style! and those fendi watch are to crave for!

suzzee said...

Hey Sasha,

If you're ever in Hong Kong, please do visit this particular building (25/F Horizon Plaza,
2 Lee Wing Street, Apleichau) - less than 5 minutes from the city! ...there are warehouse outlets of Lane Crawford, Joyce, Blubelle, etc - you name it!

You can find the Lanvin dress in Lane Crawford warehouse. Prices changes according to season (or every 3 months). When I visited the place a month ago, those Lanvin dresses cost around RM2k. I think it's alright, since the actual price should be around RM10k and above!

P/S ...SPACE outlet(Prada/Miu Miu) is just around the corner ;)