Saturday, June 07, 2008

Being a school girl

we hate each other. i make her life difficult and miserable. she tries to out do me, but hey, i'm just smarter. (this scenario is only real in the tv drama we're acting in together, not in real life!)

shooting this tv drama takes long hours which makes me thankful that the 'costume' i have to wear most of the time is comfortable. and my hair doesn't have to be perfect. i definitely didn't go to school with perfect hair! i'm sure I was quite selekeh in school! It is weird wearing a school uniform again though! The sneakers are comfortable but I feel so sloppy in them. I still prefer heels.

Elaine Daly appears in this show too. She's not a school girl though. She is a cikgu!

Here are some behind the scenes pics on the set. The woman with the headset on is one of the directors.


Anonymous said...

wow great...! Sounds very interesting..! Cant wait to watch it.. Let us know when it's going to be aired.. XD

ana said...

good lord....!!!!
is dat really u? coz u know, i didin recognize u when i first glanced at the seriously do look like a schoolgirl, dats a compliment btw.. errmm, what tv drama is it? whats d name of d drama?

the Razzler said...

Hi! Sasha..

Both the student & Cikgu are lovely! I would love to have you as my classmate & Elaine as my Cikgu!! :) :)

katak_78 said...

oww..u look adorable..cute ekk with the skul uniform!!what drama is it?

ainee said...

you look lovely in school uniform still. prim and proper.

darling8tabby said...

u look so comel in school uniform :)

adRiZaL said...

what movie you are playing in? is it for tv shows? can't wait!

Obefiend said...

whne iw as in school none of my teacher is as gorgeous as Elaine. none of my classmates were as cute as you too!

ha ha ha

what is the title of this drama by the way?