Thursday, June 19, 2008

update on autographed photos..

3rd and last batch of autographed photos have been sent out. Everyone who has emailed me up until yesterday should receive one. If by the first of July you haven't received it, do let me know and I will check for you.
I have just finished designing merchandise for the TV3 documentary I'm shooting. They are in production at the moment and I have already allocated some to be given away when the show starts. Remember how I had competitions last year while 'Beauty Secrets from the East' was on air? I want to do it again this year for this show too... I will definitely keep you informed. :)
Because of the heavy rain this evening, the shooting for my tv drama had to cancelled because everything was to be shot outdoors. I feel so sorry for the production team when something like this happens because it means they have to figure out how to shoot everything again on a different day.
And tonight I have to start getting everything ready to travel next week.

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