Monday, June 02, 2008

Answering a few fashion questions...

sasha, youre a model, you're a star, who would you say you're inspiration? especially in fashion.

would it be Kate Moss? Victoria Beckham? Angelina Jolie? Sienna Miller? etc.

p/s : i love Kate moss collection too!but sometimes, it doesnt look so good, but youre paying it for the name.her winter collection was better than summer collection, i guess.

Hmmmmm...... The names that first come to my mind for fashion inspiration are
- Dita von Teese for doing Hollywood pin up glamour so so well,
-Gwen Stefani for somehow making the Marilyn Monroe look totally her own,
-Sarah Jessica Parkr for having the guts to wear some of the most ridiculous combination of clothes I have ever seen but somehow managing to pull it off in a way no one else can,
-Victoria Beckham cause though I sometimes cringe at the things she wear, there is something I love about her,
- Audrey Hepburn for proving that simplicity always wins,
- Patricia Fields, the stylist for Sex and the City for inspiring me to never underestimate the possibilities of styling. She can make the ugliest thing look chic just by combining it well with something unexpected.

I admire Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Audrey Hepburn for their dedication to humanitarian causes. I also admire rescue workers and people in high risk jobs such as firemen and those people who do things like diffuse live bombs for risking their own lives for the sake of others.

I admire working mothers who manage a job and raising children all at the same time. I have 4 cats and I feel like I can barely cope sometimes!!!

Before the Kate Moss for Topshop collection came out, I was very sceptical if it would be any good and if I would like it. After seeing a few collections now, I actually hope it goes on for a while. I like the dresses, jackets and evening tops. The singlet tops are so thin and feel cheap to me and there is no way those skinny jeans and shorts will look good on me! Yes, I feel it is a little over priced too. This is where I pray to my fashion fairy godmother to keep my size available for me to buy during the sale.

Can you suggest ways to wear bejewelled flat sandals.

I suggest to wear them with anything cropped or short. Example cropped pants to below the knee, or shorts, or a skirt. Reason is cause what's the point of wearing jewelled sandals if they are going to be covered by long pants, jeans or skirts? You want people to see them. Also, the jewels will probably catch on your long pants and rip the hemline on the pants. Something like this has happened to me before. I wore jewelled heels with a long dress. By the end of the night, the whole front area of the hemline was completely ripped cause the jewels of the shoes caught on the fabric with every step I made!

Which Topshop has the patches dress you mentioned? I went to Sunway Pyramid and they don't have it there.

I saw and tried on that dress at the Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur

Any idea when Topshop have their end of season sale in Malaysia? I love that Topshop dress. How much was it?

I'm not sure when the big sale is, but they do have a few racks at the moment of discounted items. I think the dress was almost RM500.


Sarra said...

sasha..u ade email x? so i can invite u tuk baca blog i..mine is private..i love to read urs so much..

Yen said...

Thanks sasha for answering my question....

katak_78 said...

sasha..u r so humble and lovely..i love to read ur blog...keep it up gurl!

-f-l-o- said...


I entered TopShop the other day but couldn't find anything. I saw the bias dress, almost got it but it was not what I want to wear for an upcoming friend's wedding.

I love prints. I have perhaps too many of them. So I went Miss Selfridge instead, got a lovely maxi for 45 pounds (that' dekat RM300 je kut). And since I love halter neck, apa lagi... it was perfect!

Will send you the pic (kalau cun la). Boleh kita main sharing-sharing readers' picture in your blog. :)

-f-l-o- said...

Oh and btw, after reading your post on the gladiator sandals, I went shopping and almost beli them but... they dont go well with the dress I bought.

Will buy them next week for fun. Yes. I loveeeeee strappy sandals.