Saturday, June 14, 2008

more shooting...

Back in town. Was in Kelantan for the TV3 anniversary road tour. Had my one of my favourites things while I was there. Ayam percik with nasi kerabu!!! Yum, Yum!!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) is a full day shooting the tv drama. And every scene being shot is one with me in it. 7.30 am call time and I will be lucky if we finish before midnight. But I have organised the present for my dad for father's day.

Have to finish reading all of my scripts for every episode so I know exactly what's going on. Scenes are not shot in sequence so as an actor you have to know the whole story, from beginning to end so you can understand the significance of each and every scene so as not to get confused while it's being shot.

I am soooooo sleepy....better get some sleep if not no way I can think on the spot while I'm shooting tomorrow. ...

Oh yeah...and the make up artists think I look like a barbie doll... schoolgirl barbie! I really have lost track now of how many people have said I look like a barbie doll..

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Anonymous said...

hi sasha, just wanna ask you abt WA. i'll be going there soon and was told its winter there now. would really like to have a rough picture of the climate, food and shopping. guess you'll be the right person to ask all these cos you studied there. is it really cold there? can i get plus size clothing and the price approx.. thank you so do look like barbie!!