Saturday, February 03, 2007

Banjir in the Village fundraiser started today!

Today at Bangsar Village, the Banjir In The Village fundraising event began!

And what an event it was!

I arrived at about 11 am. There wasn't that many people there yet but everything was set up nicely...That's Imuda and Shannon Shah with me. I have fond memories of Imuda acting in the Malay sitcom called "2 + 1" when I was still in school. The two lines which I remember he frequently used in the show were.... "My name is S-U-E....SAM! This is my card.... I fashion designer...." and "Saya karate black belt warna biru"....

He was so amused to hear that Shannon and I still remember those lines!

Shannon, if you haven't heard of him is a brilliant musician, singer and songwriter and is surrently working on a new album.

With my painting...

Imuda donated the above painting to be sold as part of the charity event too. Now he is a really amazing artist!!

The table full of great cakes available to buy of which the proceeds will go to the fund....

This totally delicious brownie came complete with this WHOLE tub of chocolate sauce! So many people were drooling over this!Imuda doing personalised caricatures also to raise money for the fund..

Dato Shahrizat arrived at 1pm to officially launch the fundraiser...

She bought this portrait of her done by Imuda for 200 ringgit to be added to the fund.

Then Adibah Noor sang... and boy did she have everyone in the place clapping and cheering!

She was only going to sing one song... but ended up singing three due to popular demand!

Adibah's singing helped to raise over 3000 ringgit for the fund!

Before I left, Sabera confirmed with me that they have received bids for my painting which I was so glad to hear..... So that means it's been SOLD and now it's just a matter of what price it will fetch...

Do drop by Bangsar Village tomorrow to have a look. If you like cakes, you will definitely be in heaven and scratching your head as to which yummy cake to buy and devour!

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