Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Victoria's Secret has arrived in KL !

When I heard the brand name I think of the Supermodels who wear wings during the show, the colour pink and very girly, pretty stuff. Last night I attended the launch of the new Victoria Secret store at Pavillion and I loved it.

The stock in the stores is mainly beauty and accessories with items such as perfumes, make up bags and a selection of underwear. 

My little boy who came with me to the event kept looking at all the colourful underwear. Wait my boy. You can find out about all that much later. Hahahahahahahahahahah.... He did want to have his picture taken with Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia. Can so tell Amber is a mummy too from how comfortable she was carrying him.


My absolute favourite collection though was everything in leopard print. They had make up bags in all kinds of shapes and sizes and I really wish I could have bought one of EVERYTHING leopard print from the store.

The little cupcakes with the Victoria's Secret initials and chocolate covered strawberries made to look like tuxedos were so cute ! It's little details like this that I notice and love.


Well after scratching my head and wondering which of the leopard print items I wanted, I chose one of the tote bags because I think it's a really sexy, easy to carry bag which can fit all of my baby's stuff in it too when we go out, an ipad cover and a travel adaptor that comes in a leopard print casing. These items also come in other patterns. The travel adaptor also comes in a cool black sequinned case. For those of you ladies who travel a lot, this is a must buy ! Convenient, pratical and in a super stylish case. I wish I had this when I was travelling so much the past few years !


And the door gift was this beautiful bottle of perfume. I adore the vintage style design and my sister and I were posing pretending to be Hollywood starlets like Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly, squirting on their perfume before leaving their home. Just the act of squeezing this perfume like this feels so glamourous.

Victoria's Secret is now open at The Pavillion and One Utama. Check it out during your next visit !

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