Friday, September 14, 2012

Kinki Ryusaki in Body Art episode of Magseven

Just recently I met Kinki Ryusaki, a very unique character who turns heads wherever she goes. With her long hair and tattoos, she is unforgettable and has made a name for herself in the local tattoo industry and a huge fan base. Have a look at her facebook page and you will see what I mean.

She works at a shop named Bloody Ink at Sungai Wang in KL and it's always busy in there. She is one of the characters featured in the upcoming episode of magseven titled Body Art airing on NTV7 on 
18th Sept 2012 7.30pm.

Here are some pics of the her tattoos.

And these pics were taken while we were shooting her at work in her tattoo studio.

Don't miss this episode ! Kinki shares some really funny stories such as when a client who asked to have armpit hair tattooed into his armpits cause he felt he didn't look man enough with what he had.  We were also a little worried that this episode might not be approved by the Malaysian censorship board but it has been and so now I'm looking forward to seeing it on air. 

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