Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recording audio books at the Malaysian Association for the Blind

As part of my research for an upcoming episode of Magseven, I visited the Malaysian Association for the Blind and learnt so much. While I was there I saw a little area which they use as a recording studio where volunteers come in and record their voices reading whatever is given to them onto this computer which is then used by people who visit the Association's library.

I volunteered some of my time yesterday and read a whole chapter from an STPM text book. Took me two hours to complete it. But it was worth it to me. A very humbling experience as it made me realise how much i take my pretty much perfect eyesight for granted.

As I was talking to the PR staff, Siti, who lost her eyesight gradually from the age of four years old, she suggested I give to their librarian a soft copy of my book in Microsoft word format and they can convert it into a braille book so that it can be added to their library. I am very excited at the thought of my Dansa book being converted into a book that the blind can read. I never thought about doing this before and I am so grateful that I visited them now.

Now I just need to find the Microsoft word version of my book. I hope it's on my laptop somewhere. :)

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