Sunday, September 02, 2012

My latest painting

I have wanted to do another painting for a while now but never seem to get a chance to do it. So on Sunday, I got out my box of paints and brushes (which my little boy found VERY interesting) and started to paint.

I started by painting the background all black. And then painted the silhoutte of the face. Then slowly started adding small dots to create very colourful abstract 'hair' or a 'head piece' for the face.

Then ended by adding the 'star' in the bottom left hand corner.

Finished ! Completed ! So satisfied !

If you are wondering where the inspiration to do this painting came from, a friend of mine said to me recently 'before a king receives his crown, he is humbled and bows his head first'

I kept thinking about it for days and I kept getting this image in my head, 
so I thought to myself 'I must paint it'.


ca-ii-ya said...

It is really pretty! Love it :)

Iam Yanty said...

Nice and unique.

Juny Panorama said...

i love it so much ... u r really multi talented mom.... <3