Thursday, January 17, 2008

it's friday!

I am so happy today is Friday! Not because tomorrow is the weekend, but because today, the privately owned gym I go to is closed! Yay!

I have gone to the gym 6 times this week and was there until after closing time at one point because the trainer wouldn't let me go as I hadn't finished every single rep and exercise.

I really hate that totally sweaty feeling and when your clothes are sticking to you. All I want to do is just shower and have a good body scrub.

But still not a complete rest day. I have to go for a swim to relax the muscles so that tomorrow, they can be pushed a little harder.

I'm more curious than ever now to see how Madonna works out to get THAT BODY!

1 comment:

-f-l-o- said...

Too mascular like Madonna's a bit too freaky though darling. It'll scare the guys away... :P

I think it's best to keep it fit and firm. We just need to get rid of the flabby stuff... I'm normally focusing on the tummy and arms. And thighs.

Jessica Alba's perhaps. Oh wait, you already have that. ;P