Monday, January 21, 2008

another question..

Question - Sasha, can you give some tips on how you wear those heels? I always get blisters!

Ah Yes! I TOTALLY understand the horror of blisters! Has happened to me many times. This little tip is something a woman in a luxury shoe boutique taught me. Before you wear your shoes out to a function, event, or on a date, put a thin layer of baby lotion, or whatever body lotion you have on the inside of the shoes. This works especially well on strappy shoes. Then wear them around the house a little bit to stretch them just that little bit so they are not 'biting' your feet during your function or date. Another thing which can work well is a light sprinkle of talcum powder. In our weather, our feet sweat which can cause our skin to rub against the shoes causing blisters. The talcum powder absorbs the moisture.

But all of this still doesn't stop your feet from hurting like crazy after wearing 3 or 4 inch heels for 4 hours non stop. That, I know from experience too!

These two tips work well for men too...

Hope it helps you!


Serena said...

thanks for the tips!


zeti zainal said...

Oh brilliant.

To anyone who asks this question, thank you.

And Sasha thank you for the tips. I'll definitley would try this 2 tips whenever I buy new shoes.

Thanks again!

butterbrownie said...

well answered! i cant wait to try them! thanks a million sasha ! now i can finally buy those heels i covet instead of merely lusting..;)

Manis74 said...

Try Posh Beck's tip.Wear your new shoes with a thick socks in the house for couple of hours.

Agak-agak dah macam longgar sikit tu oklah kot.