Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the curse of cravings...

I am totally craving something chocolate based right now...

I can avoid the whole simple carbohydrate food group such as rice and pasta... but CHOCOLATE!!

Trainer : Kalau you nak perut you cutting macam chocolate bar, you tak boleh makan chocolate tu!


My triceps are sore and my back is sore. Tomorrow, is totally arm workout day and Abang Man, the torture trainer has told me to look forward to VERY high repetitions of everything. Such as 30 - 40 repetitions with five sets, with 3 different exercises for each arm muscle group which is bicep, tricep and shoulders. Looks like I'll be spending another 2 hours in the gym after work tomorrow.

Ladies, let me tell you that doing weight workouts is extremely important. Running on the tread mill or walking will get your blood stimulated but if you want real results, you have to lift those weights, many times in many different ways. Don't worry, you WON'T end up looking like one of those really scary female body builders because women don't bulk easily and for those female body builders to look like that, they do some crazy stuff that us normal people don't even know, such as taking pills and hormone treatments. Female bodies just don't have enough testosterone naturally to bulk up muscle.

There is such a thing of going to extremes and I have done that before. At one point, I was running 8kms on the treadmill withing in an hour, full body weight workout later, followed by a 1 km swim then yoga later. After 3 weeks of doing this everyday, I looked haggard, I was exhausted and just had to stop.

The good thing about working out with a trainer is that they push you harder then you will ever push yourself, and I find that I am surprised at how much stronger I actually am. To anyone who is really serious to get fit, get a personal trainer.

I went online to try and find healthy chocolate tasting desserts as a replacement and in hope of satisfying my craving for chocolate. I tried making one today which consisted of avocados, dates and carob powder.


But then again, I can't do anything well in the kitchen... I can only make a mess and whatever I produce tastes disgusting. Anybody who knows me knows never to leave me alone in a kitchen. I'm much better at cleaning bathrooms, making beds and arranging wardrobes.

Now I'm thinking about my friend Margarita's mum's brownies. She makes the best brownies ever! I have stopped eating brownies anywhere else.

To the beautiful beautiful people of the world like Elizabeth Hurley who claim to not do much to look the way they do, either hit genetic lottery or are lying...

I say they are lying..


Aishah Mustapha said...

yes, lying!

It annoys me when people the likes of Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham say nonchalantly "I dont really do much, actually i love to eat"

I roll my eyes everytime i read them.

missdidie said...

Hi Sasha im getting engage in a week and ive been dieting should i sa eating less, however i realize that for the past week i have gaining all the weight that ive been losing... I have no excess to gym, do u have any idea how i can do a healthy diet that works?

butterbrownie said...

yes sasha, theyre lying.if they simply say they dont eat, it wont be good for publicity, right ? but God, i wish i have ur willpower.i can resist chocs n the likes, but carbs and deep frieds just tempt me

Umi Mia said...

yup..u're right..they're lying..big time..and yes...dapat half of ur willpower pun i think that will be more than enough for me...oohh god.. i really want my perfect figure back but...i am tooooo lazy....sigh