Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paintings for KDU ROAR

As you know, I love animals..

So when I was approached by KDU to be involved in an animal rights campaign event to be held at KDU from the 19th and 20th of June, I was more than happy to be involved, and very flattered that they were hoping I could donate some paintings for the event.

So, especially for this event, I have done 3 paintings.

The first one is LILY.

The second one down here is DANDELION 1

And the third is DANDELION 2.

My inspiration for these paintings is the abstractions of the shapes of flowers.

They are all acrylic paints on canvas. Measurements of all of them are 18 inches x 18 inches and they are priced at only RM 395 each.

For information on how to purchase one (or all!) of these paintings, please contact Melissa Chen on 012 347 0389.

Full proceeds of all the sales will go to the KDU ROAR fund.

I hope you guys like the paintings and I look forward to all of them being sold!


Alia said...

You're really talented Sasha. Where do you get your inspirations to draw the paintings that u draw? And do u do a sketch of the painting first or do u have it all in your mind and your hand just does the miracle on the canvas just like that? :) Hope to hear the stories of your talent in one of your entries soon!

Sasha Bashir said...

Hi Alia. Thank you for your compliments on my paintings. I will write about the process and inspirations of my paintings at some point! take care... sasha