Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Season 3

Finally I can tell you what I've been working on! And you will hear it here first!

Many of you may of heard of the popular TV3 show, Beauty Secrets from the East.
It is now in it's 3rd season and I am the host for this season... (yahoo!)
And today was the launch at Sri Pentas!
Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina launched the show by placing a bunga telur in pulut kuning....

I know you're curious about the dress I wore designed by Jovian...

Here I am wearing it with designer Jovian...

As part of the launch I performed a contemporary dance with asian flavour. Performing in Jovian's dress was such a joy as it flowed so beautifully. As a performer, if the dress/ costume I wear is uninspiring, I just don't feel like performing....

I also launched the title sponsor , Secret Garden's website - www.secretgarden.com.my

So far I have travelled to India, Bali Thailand, Langkawi, Pahang and Johor to record this documentary. For those of you who remember my story about being 'attacked' by a leech or pacat, that happened in Pahang while I was shooting in an orang asli village.

Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina and myself with my producer of 'Beauty Secrets from the East', Siti Zainah

I have lost count of how many beauty treatments I have tried!

Beauty Secrets from the East goes on air on Monday, the 18th of June, 7.30 pm exclusively on Tv3.

Of course, here on this site I will share with you pictures and little stories that I haven't been able to share with you before that happened on location.

I look forward to your support!


Saiful said...

am looking forward to this. if am not still stuck in the office. what time are the repeats?

Watie said...

Wow..congrats ya...proud of u ya..
actually i'm ur silent reader..ya baru berani leave a comment here..luv ur dress beautiful.

Good Luck!

melisamuhd said...

i love your dress! the color is great! my kind of color.

Ozi said...

will you be a big star?

will you be Malaysia's next 'IT' girl?

I think it is highly in the realms of possibility.

Keep doing what you are doing. "not far.. Yoda not far.."

m Nutty-X said...

You look gorgeous in purple, or whatever colour that is, hehe... ('old' man like me can be buta warna).

Nice Ozi... the next IT girl... think, we should have such poll in Malaysia. Not many ladies we've seen as IT personalities in Malaysia. Except maybe Fione Tan, and some other regulars like Yasmin Ahmad, Daphne... and I can't see to find many... The rest are like hmm... just too many guys...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha;

Congrats on your new programme. Any comments from Datin Seri Tiara on your dancing? Really hope to see you in her forthcoming My Name Is Remy..how about that?