Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beauty Secrets from the East - Episode 2

Beauty Secrets from the East, Episode 2 in Pagoh, Johor
Monday, 25th of June, 7.30 pm


maKKecik said...

amazing place..tak sangka kat pagoh ade spa camtu..very the village ;)) u nampak natural being a host for this show,dulu u tak berapa la dlm explorace..i rase u elok jadik host utk show yg related ngan health n beauty..previous episode(bali)ur hair tak cantik tak siap je n u tak look fresh(panas ye kat bali)..u jgn la amik ati ape mak ckp ni ye..for your improvement jugak n i just love da show..hows bali?which part of bali yg bagus banget utk di explore?kalo mak ade duit bole la g visit nanti..take care gurl

Fasha said...

Hi Sasha, I am a loyal fan of your blog and am absolutely adore your sense of style & fashion - from Chanel glam to Gadis kampung yang ayu (macam dlm gambar tu). I wish I am in tanahair so that I could watch u in BSFTE...

miLo sKilos said...

hey i terwatched this particular episode on tv3. usually i will flip channels watching a series like dis due to:-

1. boring, control ayu host with robotic text book script delivery.
2. too cosmetic.

but suprised. im hooked by the way you deliver the script.very laid back, very 1-2-1 approach, just like you explainin those stuff to me. and wallah!! you wear sempoi track suit..with minimal make up..and yet you look dazzling! i love the way you mingle with the surroundings, the ppl, the plant, its all natural and laid back and relaxing..makes me keep on watching for more tips and stories.

i salut you shasha! or whoever directed that particular episode.

its amazing we have such place like herbs plantantion in pagoh.very insightful coverage there.

keep up the good work.