Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday Giveaway ! Kerastase travel sets

Kerastase is well known as one of the most luxurious hair care brands. I have seriously crazy hair sometimes - imagine Simba the Lion King - and you kind of have an idea of how out of control it can be. Hahahahahahahaha! A few years back a hairdresser recommended I start trying out their products. Since then, there has always been some sort of Kerastase product in my bathroom or travel bag. The serum is one of the very few products that can make me look like a normal human with nice hair being as opposed to someone who looks like they have a relative who is Simba. Hahahahahahahahaha !

For this Saturday's giveaway, I have four fantastic Kerastase travel sets to giveaway !
 Big love and hugs to Kerastase Malaysia for this !

There are four different coloured sets reflecting the different hair issues they help.
Each set contains a shampoo, hair masque and serum.

Oleo Relax for Dry and Rebellious Hair

This has got to be one of the most iconic and well known of all Kerastase products. Just a few drops of the serum through my hair and it's much better. Phew ! 
Thanks for this one Kerastase ! Don't ever discontinue ! :)

Force Architecte for Weakened Hair

If your hair has become weak due to the environment, this is for you.

Chroma Riche for Highlighted or very sensitized coloured hair

For people who regularly colour or highlight their hair. This helps to maintain healthy hair.

Nutri Thermique for Very Dry Hair

 And finally this one helps treat very dry hair. I know a lot of people have dry hair because of regular blow drying. You need this !

To qualify to win this Saturday's giveaway, go to 'Kerastase Malaysia' on Facebook, 'like' the page and then email into

1) title of email - Kerastase
2) full name
3) ic number
4) postal address
5) contact number
6) which set you think is best for you? 
(orange, white, pink or green)

Good luck !


L.O.V.E.P-QaH said...

Joined! ;)

Suzanna Ng said...

lovely set!