Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Giveaway - The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle range

I remember when I was shooting Beauty Secrets from the East several years ago, I learnt that ginger is a very popular ingredient that is used in beauty treatments. You can cut it up, add warm water and drink it which is fantastic if your stomach is sensitive or has had a reaction to something you ate. This little remedy had saved me many many times !

For sore muscles, just rub some cut up ginger into the area, wrap up with some plastic wrap an leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wash off and I can also tell you from experience it works much better than other products like deep heat.

In all Asian cultures, keeping the body warm is very important to prevent illness and ginger is very good at that. It's also known to be able to "buang angin" or "Tarik angin".

So when I first saw this ginger sparkle range at The Body Shop, I was very excited ! Because I know what a wonderful beauty ingredient it is, but also a bit sceptical if it would work well in mass manufactured products like this.

However I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this range from them. Totally fallen in love with it. All of them give me this slightly tingly and warm feeling after using them. And the ginger scent is not too over powering. Just nice.

The photo above is the full range at the store which consists of soap, shower gel, body polish, hand wash, hand cream, body lotion and body butter.

I also wish they had ginger body oil. *hint hint*. :)

Especially for Christmas there is this gift set available that comes in a really cute ginger bread man tin and in the set is a shower gel, soap, small body butter and body polish. I didn't buy this for anyone. I bought it as a present to myself ! Hahahahahahahah!

For this Saturday giveaway I have one ginger sparkle body set consisting of one body polish and one body butter.

So email into the following info

1- title of email - the body shop ginger sparkle
2 - name
3 - address
4 - ic no
5 - contact number

However in the meantime I suggest you go to your nearest body shop and get some of the products from this range because they are selling out very fast ! I just bought a few more of the heart shaped soap so I have stock ! :)

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