Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Grand Crus

This full page image is currently featured in the December issue of GLAM and it is a privilege to be some of the first few people to try out this beautiful new product from Kerastase - The Elixir Ultime Grand Crus.

The Grands Crus range is a fusion of the award-winning Elixir Ultime (which is being sold every two minutes in the world) and more beautifying extracts.  Each formula is tailor-made to specific hair needs, so everyone would be able to find an elixir suited for their hair type.  And guess what, each scent of each variant has been inspired by luxurious French perfumes!

Elixir Ultime
(for all hair types)

First versatile beautifying treatment enriched with a complex of four precious oils: Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi oils 
A few drops makes hair feels silky and weightless, as if transformed
Applied before cleansing, hair feels instantly nourished
Applied before styling, hair feels incredibly supple and protected

Elixir Ultime Moringa Immortel / Immortal Moringa
(for damaged hair)

Rich in Vitamin A and C, Immortal Moringa concentrates, high level of calcium, iron and magnesium
Light in texture, formula delivers essential nutrients to replenish damaged hair
Damaged hair instantly feels replenished and nourished
Evokes a woody, oriental fragrance blended with sharp notes of citrus.  

Elixir Ultime Millenium Rose
(for fine and sensitised hair)

Rich in vitamin E, millenium rose protects fine hair against uv radicals that can otherwise make it fragile
Very light in texture, the formula delivers the right amount of nourishment without weighing the hair down
Fine hair feels nourished and soft
Infused with delicate floral scent, with hints of fragrant freshness

Elixir Ultime Imperial Tea
(for color-treated hair)

With the highest concentrations of flavonoids and white tea extract, it enhances the true depth of color
Rich in texture, the formula delivers the purest antioxidants to color-treated hair
Color-treated hair fiber hair is protected, reflecting light and radiance
Created with a soft floral scent, delicately balanced with invigorating fruity notes

This product smells sooooo nice !!! All of them smell different so it's up to you to find out which one you like best and which one works best for you. However, only use a few drops at a time, because if not it will be too much for your hair and it will make your hair too oily. The great thing is because you only use a few drops, one bottle will last you a long time !

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