Thursday, December 06, 2012

H&M in KL, Malaysia ! Anna Dello Russo and Maison Martin Margiela Collection

H&M is here in Malaysia!!! I'm sure many of you savvy readers know this already but I'm still excited about it ! Before this my only chance of getting anything from them is if I went overseas. I was there at the launch and it was sooooo packed ! 

Not long after they opened the Anna Dello Russo collection arrived and I was so looking forward to it. I LOVE Anna Dello Russo. She is fearless with fashion and such an icon. I looked at all the pictures online and waited for it to arrive.

I was dissappointed. Firstly the items Ireally wanted, the suitcase with matching make up box and the turquoise and gold cuff didn't make it here. And the items that did arrive I feel were too overpriced. Honestly, the quality I didnt think was worth the prices. So sad. So I bought...... nothing.... sigh....

The next collection to arrive is the Maison Martin Margiela collection. Again I checked online. Looked at everything. From what I understand none of the designs are actually new for H&M, they are merely re editions or remakes, done at a much cheaper price. However the much cheaper price is also still a bit expensive to me. So I didn't go on the first day it arrived like I did for Anna Dello Russo. I thought to myself that again I wouldn't buy anything.

Then suddenly one day my friend posted on facebook that she went to H&M and that the Maison Martin Margiela collection was on 50% off ! Now that's more like it ! So I went and had a look. 

I tried on this duvet coat and it was the strangest feeling. I felt like I was standing up in a really comfortable bed ! I told my sister about it and when she saw the picture, she said - it's as if there is no commitment to actually waking up in the morning ! hahahahahahahahah! well... yeah... 

As much as I love it where am I going to wear it ? To One Utama ? in the editing room ? I will fall asleep then and get no work done. 

I really wanted to get this suit set but the pants were all gone and the jacket didn't have my size. Sob !

I also really liked the candy wrapper clutches and shoes with the see through wedge heels. There were three colours, red, black and tan. ALL GONE ! SOB !

So I bought these three items. The  black dress and matching scarf print top and skirt. 

So who is next to create a line for H&M ? One rumour is that it is Givenchy. That would be fantastic ! However both H&M and Givenchy have denied it, so who knows.

Guess we have to wait and see. I just hope that the quality will still be good and the prices much more affordable than these previous two I have seen.

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