Monday, October 29, 2012

Alicia Keys Collection for Reebok Competition !

Thanks to Reebok I have a very exciting competition for you ! 

How would you like to win a pair of these limited edition exclusive 
 Alicia Keys collection for Reebok shoes ?!

For your chance to win these super stylish classic hi top Reebok shoes 
with the piano design please email to the following info

1 ) title of email - Alicia Keys for Reebok
2) Name
3) IC No
4) Postal Address
5) Handphone number
6) Name one Alicia Keys song
7)Your Reebok US shoe size 
(please make sure your shoe size is accurate 
because if you win and because these shoes are 
very limited they cannot be changed after being received.)

Winner will be announced here and also notified by email.

Good Luck !


chow yin yin said...

I'm so happy to notice this giveaway from your blog...and I was very excited with the giveaway because I am actually looking for a pair of running shoe. I love joining marathon and very hard to find a pair of shoes which I love! The design of piano keys which represented the famous Alicia Keys attracts me as I love music and play piano since small..Thanks for the share of this giveaway Sasha!

Suzanna Ng said...

Hey dear...
Sent you the emaio. Hope you got it...

Carrie Anne Long said...

Yes, please! thanks for your kind generosity! :-D

ninazsyafinaz said...

Send my email to participate ..Hope I can win this shoes!!! :)

Suzanna Ng said...


Love the shoes :))