Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday Giveaway ! AVON ultra color rich lipstick

Hi everyone ! It's the first of Saturday Giveaways here and I have 
AVON ultra color rich lipstick 
to give away!

Straight from its leading R&D Centre in Suffern New York, Avon scientists created a creamy, rich lipstick formula infused with prismatic pearl pigments making your lips shine from all angles. These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor-made for you. 

The lipstick also has Honey White Clover and Almond Extracts which gives it the nice moist texture. My lips always seems to get dry from air conditioning so this helps me!

This range comes in 8 colours - Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise. So far my favourite one is Berry Glitz. :)

For today's giveaway, three lucky winners will receive a set of three AVON ultra color rich lipsticks.

For a chance to win, please email to the following details.
1) Title of Email - AVON ultra color rich lipstick giveaway
2) Full name
3) IC number
4) Handphone number
5) Postal address

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