Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alicia Keys for Reebok collection - love it !

 When I heard that Alicia Keys was doing a special collection with Reebok, I was so excited. I remember I was driving to pick up my baby when I heard it mentioned on the radio. I was a bit worried at first that it might not be stocked here in Malaysia. But IT IS !!! Yay!!!

My absolute favourites are the black ones with the gold and silver detailing. And how cool are the black classic high tops with the piano design at the heel area?! The gold part of that shoe at first glance may not seem like anything, but after looking at it more closely I realised its actually the silhoutte of the New York skyline. Very nice detail.

I could not and would not decide to only get one pair, so I got all three of the black and gold designed ones. Haven't worn them out of my house yet cause I don't want them to get dirty or wet or anything! Just love looking at them on my stairs.

After trying all of them on and walking around my house in them, the most comfortable pair 
are the ones with the white trim at the bottom. 

Go and check out the collection at your nearest sports store that stocks Reebok !

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Suzanna Ng said...

All of them look so pretty... i so hope that im one of the winner for this shoe :). Tx for the giveaway Sasha :))