Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shopping for Home of Peace at Tesco

 Last week I did another round of shopping at the new Tesco extra at Mutiara Damansara for charity using the vouchers I won from their launch event and this time all purchases were for Home of Peace. This charity educates girls who come from underprivileged backgrounds and I called their absolutely lovely caretaker and asked her what do they really need. She said a clothes dryer is an urgent necessity so I was very glad to find that Tesco sells them so ordered one for her straightaway and it is on the way to them.

I then also decided to get new bedsheets for all the girls and some rice. You see the empty section on the shelves in the picture above? I caused that. I put everything from that section into the trolley.

 Today I finally had a chance to go over and visit them at the home and there were two little girls who were so excited about getting new bedsheets. One was worried someone else would get the pink coloured ones she hid one of them to make sure it was hers!

I had a lovely chat with their caretaker Justine and she shared with me the many challenges and heartbreaks she faces in what she believes is her calling in life. Raising, educating and loving 16 girls is no easy feat. As I sat on the sofa talking to her with three little girls arranging and rearranging the bedsheets around us as some kind of game, I was reminded that it is people like her that make me believe that angels do exist here on earth. She is one of many I am sure. 

To protect the privacy of the children who live in the home and their families, unfortunately I cannot share with you their pictures. However if you are interested to find out how you can help them, please feel free to email me at sasha_a_b@yahoo.com and I will give you more details.

Planning another shopping trip at Tesco soon ! I wish I could make this a part time job. 
Shopping for charity. Yay !

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