Thursday, November 01, 2012

Reebok Marvel X Collection is here !!!

This afternoon, the much anticipated Reebok Marvel X Collection 
arrived in our Malaysian stores.
I visited my usual One Utama store and saw the display
 of five shoes from the collection near the front.

I immediately fell in love with the Black Widow design.

The shoes are comfortable and pretty stylish to me. 
Along with my Alicia Keys for Reebok shoes, 
these are also one of my favourites!

The shoelaces are a really nice bronze gold colour.

Now just have to think of an outfit to match with it. Hmmmm......

1 comment:

Suzanna Ng said...

Nice shoe you are showing here. I prefer the white queen collection.

Elegant like the queen,
Power like the heroes,
Fashinable yet sophisticated i would say,
Love the White Queen Marvel X Shoe :))