Monday, January 25, 2010

What happens at Bootcamp?

I have had a few questions from readers asking me what is Bootcamp like and what happens during training session?
Well, the best way I can describe it is that it is like the exercise routines and circuits they do in the tv show 'The Biggest Loser'.
We start with a warm-up, which consist of jogging, sideway gallops, walking lunges and big arm circles. The we break up into 3 groups and do different exercise sets. When we finish with one instructor, we move onto the next.
During my first bootcamp session, I really thought I was going to die after the warm up. 3 weeks later of 3 sessions a week, I can feel a big difference in my fitness level. I still think i look like a dying squid sometimes (seriously, kadang-kadang rasa nampak macam sotong nak mampus)
but I have no choice but to keep going.
The biggest benefit of bootcamp training is that I feel you get better results than if you just go to the gym. There is no way you will push yourself this hard at the gym.
I haven't checked if I have lost any weight yet but when I asked one of the trainers about how much weight I can expect to lose, he replied, 'you probably won't lose that much weight according to the weighing scale. The reaon for this is because your muscles and bones will become stronger and more compact thus weighing more than fat. But you will tone up, become a lot stronger and fitter.'
And my favourite trainer via dvd Tracy Anderson has just launched 5 new workout dvd's, but I will only receive them sometime in February.
Doing bootcamp training is good but I still feel I need to do more stretching and toning exercises on other days of the week. I haven't done much additional workout stuff besides bootcamp training this month but my plan is to include doing the new tracy anderson dvd's on my days off for better results.
Bootcamp trainin focuses a lot on cardio, endurance and working the large muscle groups. Tracy Anderson workouts focus on smaller hard to reach muscles. So my personal logic tells me that i need to work my muscles in as many different ways as possible.
Hope this helps!


MsPea said...

Thanks Sasha for the info. I may put this Bootcamp into consideration. ;)

Wangi74 said...

I just terminate my Fitness First membership at Curve.After i found myself no more can trust to any of the personal trainer overthere.

Waiting for True Fitness to be open at Giza Sunway and start my mission again.