Sunday, January 17, 2010

poor little duke

Poor little Duke! In his short life and the time he has been with my family, little Duke has suffered some really bad injuries cause of a really mean stray cat in the area.

First he had his eyelid torn and had to be hospitalised for 5 days.

Then on new year's eve, he was attacked again and had to be rushed for emergency surgery and had stitches across his stomach. The tear from that horrible cat that attacked him was 3 inches long!

But despite all this, he is such a happy cat! It's almost as if he doesn't think anything is wrong with him. He is becoming bigger and stronger, and slowly his two big brothers, Lord and Loco are getting used to him.


Yours Truly said...

La siannye dia...i too once had a cat named Duke.

Miss Ceria said...

Aww... Poor Little thing :(.. My cat once was almost dying. He's hair is yellow, but because he was too sick, he turned all white! Unbelievable. He couldn't walk, couldn't even stand up. He refused to eat and was in very, very bad mood (He was under someone else's care because I was away for studying. When I came he was totally ill). Family wanted to put him to sleep, but I stubbornly refused. I gave him honey. After that he could slowly get up. Sent him to the vet and thank God, he survived. Doc says he had the will to carry on. That's the most important thing. Sometimes cat gets depressed and when they are sick, they need your attention even more. That could heal them faster, inshaAllah! May your sweet Duke gets well speedily. Ameen

Milo Skilos said...

napa suka gaduh nie? kena 'sunat'kan diee npknye :)