Saturday, January 23, 2010

too much lah!!!

As I was doing some 'research' on hermes bags on the internet, I found a blog posting about a woman named katherine who has about 77 hermes bags in her collection!

When I looked at the pictures of this woman's collection, I don't feel envious or jealous at all....

Realistically, you could buy a car for the same price for each one of these handbags. I actually look at these pictures and think 'what a waste of so much money'. I can understand wanting a few in different colours... but this... too much lah!

Victoria Beckham is rumoured tohave 100 hermes bags.

I doubt I would ever buy that many... even if I did have the money for it, I would buy a piece of land and build an animal shelter for stray cats.


Wangi74 said...

Expensive hoarder;)

the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

That's so noble of you! :)

cacah said...

berapa lama agaknya dia kumpul banyak2 tu.
bukankah nak tunggu satu pun macam lama benar?

Aleeya Zailan said...

true!!! soo true! i would rather buy the fake one instead of original or no brand or china brand handbag but have a nicer look and looks sooo unique!

look at it this way... i will neva eva use the same bag or carry the same bag for like 2-3 years right? because it will not go with fashion.. so rather than wasting my money for something that is not for permanent used and for some occasion only... i would say no to this kinda price handbag!

its not that we cant afford to buy it, its just the matter of how we trained our brain to think wisely!