Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birkin and Kelly : what is the difference?

For quite a while I wondered what the difference between a Kelly and a Birkin is. So I did a little research and I found a blog with interesting info about both bags as well as the differences.

About both bags:

  • Prices for both begin around $7,000 and can go well beyond $50,000
  • Part of the price of all Hermès bags is the privilege to bring it into any boutique to be sent to Paris for a “spa treatment” where the bag, no matter how old or abused, will be bought back to the best possible condition…for an additional cost of several hundred dollars
  • Both bags can be customized to the buyers specifications
  • Locks and keys are number-coded
  • Lining is usually made of goat skin that matches the color of the exterior skin
  • Identifiable by their metal-tipped clasp, which can be closed with a tiny padlock (and the clasp’s hidden key often dangles from the handle in a leather sheath of its own)
  • Not sold online and never ever will be
  • Famous for their waiting lists – Remember on Sex and the City when Samantha used Lucy Liu’s name to score the red one faster?

The Hermès Kelly Bag:

  • Named after Grace Kelly
  • Became famous in 1956 when Grace Kelly (then Princess of Monaco) used one to shield her pregnant stomach from the prying eyes of the paparazzi
  • More formal than the Birkin
  • Comes in 5 different sizes (although possibly more from looking at the Fall runway show)
  • It takes a single craftsman about 18 hours to make one

The Hermès Birkin Bag:

  • Named after Jane Birkin (who has an interesting history with the company)
  • 5 Birkins are produced a week at the Hermès Atelier in Paris
  • More casual than the Kelly & has a slightly younger more bohemian appeal
  • With an open top, it is easier to open than the Kelly
  • Both Jay-Z and Lil’ Kim have both rapped about the Birkin

From what I found out at the boutique, the waiting list for the Birkin is about 3 - 5 years and for the Kelly it is 1 - 2 years. Even that is the minimum. Could be longer.
Crazy isn't it? I don't understand why they don't just hire and train more craftsmen to meet the demand.


Wangi74 said...

Damn expensive..unless you vic.beckham who got couple of these bags

*ManoHuruHara* said...

this is so yesterday.even a 16 years old manohara pinot owns a few birkin.i often read blogs from the uae@emirates.many of the girls there own birkin.im talking bout the normal girls,not datin or datin sri.many of them is so so rich,always have something to brag on.hermes bracelet is a must have for them.but i know some malaysian artiste pun ada birkin mcm fazura got 3 i think.pink and black,red.zahida rafik got orange colour,sharifah aini,siti got 3,

i believe many malaysian women got birkin,especially the kerabat2 raja type,im talking bout the young girls

hope u get ur dream bag 4 the bday

Aleeya Zailan said...

hahaha MANOHURUHARA!~ nice blog name! i like!

waiting list sampai 1-5 years? crazy! tunggu beli kereta baru pon baru 3-4 bulan!