Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A visit to Dr Hasnul the vet

my 'children' were due for their check up and Tippex has been scratching his head so much lately that he has some bald spots on his head. Joberg conveniently disappeared so she didn't go. the two brothers shared a cage and they behaved surprisingly well.

Schizo was upset and terrified. We had to put her in a basket by herself cause she just hates the others. Despite being a very garang diva, she is very timid at the vet. I remember when I used to take her with Kira, I could put both of them in the same cage and she would hide underneath Kira. She would hide her head under his stomach.

having her heart beat checked. all normal.

checking her weight. normal and healthy weight.

hiding under the weighing scales cause she doesn't want him to touch her anymore.

tippex having his ears checked. he has ear mites. that's why all the scratching.

Lord Derbyshire hid between the wall and cupboard when it was his turn. I had to pull him out.

They were all so happy to go home! So was I!


rapheydhillo said...

dear sasha,
i miss my cat, he's at home at the moment. can't wait to meet him after office..

darling8tabby said...

hehe...cute..all cats like dat kan..pegi vet semua diam ..heheh

*yellow volks* said...

hai sasha. 1st time reader. aldy fall in luvvv wit ur blog. anyway, is ur vet clinic @ kota damansara? if yes, tats mean we went to the same clinic lor.. heheh

syuhada said...

lord derbyshire is sooo funny. hahahaha :p