Sunday, November 16, 2008

A night of nostalgia in Penang

I went to Penang this weekend for a charity event themed a Night of Nostalgia.

Colourful umbrellas hung from the ceiling

There were other familiar faces there too

"Hi Sasha! I'm Izry! I love reading your blog," says this pretty girl when she comes up to me

"Yay! We must take a picture then!"

As part of this event, the book, "Nostalgic Penang' was launched. It is a really beautiful book with lots of pictures from around Penang. As my father is from Penang I brought one back for him and he thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures. Support local publishers and buy a copy!

The event was held at the iconic E&O hotel in Penang.

I took some pic around the hotel

In the lobby

In the nice restaurant called 1885

My outfit (top and bag from Dior, skirt from Dolce & Gabbana) is an attempt at a day look.. :)

While I was there, I also visited the Peranakan Mansion, but I will put pics of that up tomorrow. :)


anap_ilmi said...

nice pic...

Malaywood said...

well done on the attempt for day dresses.lovin your d&g Pencil skrit.and the bag.

izanazuani said...

hi sasha... lurve ur day look. black and white is sure nice on u!

butterbrownie said...

sasha ur day look is so vintage chic ! thank you for inspiring me, now i know what to wear to work !

Parisienne Maman said...

sasha, please invest in a better camera :) tq darlin! love ur outfits!

sheelasheena said...

ur attemp really working. love the skirt and the bag. great. see u can be our version of Dita. hope more day dress to come- now jeans can wait.


nanafarhanna said...

You look great on 'day-dressing'. Maybe you should dress a lot more like that.. You look a lot more elegant.. ;)

can definitely be Malaysian version of victoria beckham ;)

Anonymous said...

kak sasha..lawa la akak..hehe daa

Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

hey, was watching u act in 5 jingga when i came across this blog. what a coincedence, izry is my cousin's wife! haha. and my cousins went for the same night of nostalgia in penang.