Sunday, July 27, 2008

sex and the city movie!

Thursday last week I went to a private screening of the movie I have been waiting to see, Sex and the City! It was part of an event of launching Daphne Iking as spokesperson for a health brand called Nuvafemme.

One of my close friends Margarita came too. She is wearing a grey dress, clear plastic necklace and colourful embroidery bag I bought while shooting 'beauty secrets from the east' in India last year. I wore a top by Catherine Malandrino, beret is from Primark in the UK, woven clutch is from Anya Hindmarch and jeans from Zara. I think Daphne's outfit is from Bebe.

So what did I think of the movie?

At the end of it, I found myself thinking not about fashion, but about friendship. What wonderful friends all 4 main characters are and how despite their fights and misunderstandings, they are steadfast in their loyalty to each other and would never intentionally hurt each other.

I think everyone in the movie acted very well and the development in each of the character's story was believable.

And as for the clothes, fashion and styling....what else can I say but I wish I could meet Patricia Fields, the genius behind Sex and the City's iconic fashion status...I would beg her to play dress up with me and at least try on whatever she tells me too. Some outfits were ridiculous and unbelievable but I actually wish more people would really dress up more in daily life. Walking around the supermarket would be so much more interesting.

And I want a walk in wardrobe like Carrie's new penthouse apartment!

I think many scenes were edited out and I don't know why, cause when I referred to the book based on the movie, there were at least 3 whole scenes missing and 2 others cut short. And they were not sex scenes either.... strange..

I wil definitely buy this on dvd and watch it again at home!


Obefiend said...

wow.. daphne iking!

i will be staying away from cinema for this movie becase i know the LPF will be snipping it like the split ends on me hair. i can't justigy paying 9 bucks for a butchered movie. they butchered WANTED last month and that movie is rather tame in my book.

:::sHa::: said...

me felt the same's all about FRIENDSHIP..something really precious.. waaa.. i missed my besfriends.. do u remember the scene Big left Carrie on her wedding day????????? I cried..The best movie I've ever watched so far..coz I'm followed it since season 6.