Thursday, July 03, 2008

the 'sex and the city' movie - book

I found at Kinokuniya today the Sex and the City movie book. It's fantastic! It has full story and tons of picture of the girls in their costumes and a whole chapter dedicated to the fashion with details on each outfit..

This book is going to keep me occupied for a while.. :)


Que Sera Sera said...

i watched the movie and love it!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi sasha! I am of your silent reader. I also got the SATC book!Got it at 20% discount in kino when i bought a mag last week.I love looking at the glossy colourful photos. I even managed to catch the movie during my working trip in s'pore last month :-) However i found few mistakes in the book on the summary of SATCseries ( i think season 1 & 3). :-(
Enjoy the book!