Tuesday, July 29, 2008

on the road again..

in just a few hours, I will be on the road again.. Travelling to a very rural kampung...

I seriously doubt they will have internet connection there.

Next week, the launch of the tv drama I have been shooting - 5 JINGGA - will be launched. I am looking forward to that. first episode is to go on air on the 12th of August.

fashion queries can be emailed to sasha_a_b@yahoo.com (this is for readers who have left comments requesting email address for such queries)

I will do my best to answer them quickly.... :)


Obefiend said...


i thnk even kampungs are wired these days.

5 jingga.. so that's the title of the drama. can't wait to see it.

katak_78 said...

hi sasha...wan to ask you ...this week there will be jomheboh at my place(kUantan)..u ada x kat sana?

kontan said...

hai sasha, i would like to arrange a photoshoot with you. If you agree, please do reply me ok?