Sunday, July 13, 2008

answering questions..

Since hari raya is just around the corner, have you got any baju raya made for this year? or if you're going for any ready-made baju raya, where do you normal hunt for some good ones? Does your family members dress in 'theme'? Thanks.

I haven't even thought about baju raya yet. As far as I can remember, my family never dresses in a 'theme' for raya. And sometimes I don't even get a specific baju raya. I just wear something I already have in my wardrobe. I don't go to any one particular place for baju kurungs, but around raya time, there are so many little shops stalls in shopping centres that sell some great pieces. I just usually look around there.

i really need ur suggestion on what theme colour should i choose for my wedding day...and please advice on the design for my baju nikah...i really need help from u

I personally prefer off white to pure white. And gold is always regarded as 'warna keagungan'. So my suggestion would be to go with an off white and light gold theme. Design for baju nikah, a very simple baju kurung, slightly fitted if you like, and the baju kurung doesn't need to be fancy. I think it's better to spend on your selendang/tudung. Get a really nice embroidered one.

sasha..just want to ask your opinion about 80's fashion b'cos i'm having dinner with theme 80's and i'm wearing you have any suggestion on it?because people always seem to think about polka dots everytime they talk about retro fashion..

I hate polka dots! When I think of 80's fashion the first thing that comes to my mind is the two hit soap operas of that decade, 'Dynasty' and 'Dallas'. Everything was over the top. Big shoulder pads, huge rhinestones, sequins everywhere... A top with big shoulder pads, rhinestones or sequins then with a matching tudung and long skirt should be just find. To see what I mean, google images '80's dynasty fashion'. All the best!


In a few hours I will be on a plane going somewhere that I have so been looking forward to going to. I hope it is as beautiful as I imagine it to be....


chuck bass said...

I got a question, actually I hav 2..
Firstly, where u going?
secondly, do u watch gossip girl coz if u do the fashion n the clothes the characters r wearing r pretty awesome, n up to date.

Anis said...

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MsPea said...

Sasha., my wedding is just around the corner.,and its definitely a relief when you suggested "white and gold" as a theme colour for a wedding. I've selected that colour theme after a lil gado-gado with my mom, she actually wanted it maroon-white., but I prefer white-gold as a theme colour. the idea comes when I think about my other dinner occasion when my fiance and I wearing white-gold theme that nite and i think it just suits us better.
But your opinion makes me more confident to strike out loud on my big day with 'white-gold' concept!