Wednesday, July 23, 2008

latest pics..

A picture I took from my seat window on the plane back to KL. I thought the winding river looked so beautiful framed by the plane window.

This is me with my cameraman Khairuzzaman aka Mr President. If it's not for him, I wouldn't come out on tv! We first started working together last year shooting Beauty Secrets from the East.

This is what showed on the small tv screens on the plane as we land. I wonder where the camera is located on the plane that is giving us these visuals live as we land.

The other 3 members of the crew. from left to right, Push who does lighting, Fadli who is the producer and director and last on the end is Aiemax, the photographer.

On the set of the tv drama with my 'teacher' acted by Tony Yusoff.

A scene being acted out by Tony with my other 'teacher' acted by Amy Mastura. I used to do some back up dancing for Amy Mastura too many, many years ago.


Anonymous said...

i seriously cant wait to watch the drama..! seems interesting, and i always like tony yusoff too... XD

ratna said...

i cant wait to watch it too..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

i loike the green blouse you wore..

Anonymous said...

hi sasha, can i have ur email address? i need advice on fashion and i'm gonna email you some photos for some feedback.Pleasee..thank you.