Tuesday, February 26, 2008

peppermint tea...

If you really love peppermint chocolates the way I do, very, very strong peppermint tea is a good way to trick your taste buds into thinking that you just might be having some nice mint chocolates.

Of course, there is nothing like the real thing. I am very capable of eating a whole box of After 8 dinner mints all by myself. Not the small box, the BIG box!

And to my readers in London, the Waitrose peppermint chocolates are also one of my favourites. I tried to convince my sister to buy up every single packet while she was there, but she told me I'm insane.

I saw a gorgeous long dress at MNG that I would love to get. But I really shouldn't be shopping at the moment. And I do have at least 10 evening and cocktail dresses that have not been worn out of my house yet. I really have a major weakness for long dresses. I blame my mother for that. It's because when she started taking me to fashion shows at 5 years old, we always went to evening wear fashion shows. So I thought that is how a woman should always look and dress. t-shirts are boring.

I am so bored of wearing pants and jeans that one day last week, I wore a long maroon vintage dress to the office. Yes, I wore an evening gown during the day, to work. My colleagues just thought I had a shoot or event on. I didn't. I just wanted to wear something different. I kept it simple by adding no accessories at all.

Today, Lord Derbyshire, my little charming boy tried to claw the chicken I was eating out of my hand! He is one tough cat that really goes after what he wants. Silly Tippex who was also in the room didn't even know I was eating.

I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in about 2 months now... I think.... This must be some kind of record!

Better get some sleep... tomorrow is another busy day.....


^^waniEwaWa^^ said...

peppermint tea
i like!!
kalu main hello kitty mesti served peppermint tea...
bez kan?!

Anonymous said...

lurve peppermint choc! they have it here in aussie, a lot! love peppermint choc ice cream as well! love the one at Dockland, Melb.. u'll get two big scoops of ice cream for $4!!

also love the peppermint mocha chip frapuccino from starbucks!! but i think they only serve it during christmas season.. sadly..~

love choc peppermint a lot..! XD

Cmate said...

Gosh, I am in love with peppermint tea! The one LIPTON has is not that bad actually!

butterbrownie said...

oo i love that after 8 minty chocs ! not too sweet and fresh !

cHaDacHaDa said...

gimme 5!
i like peppermint!
tea,ice cream,cake,donuts and chocolate!

u make me hungry!