Monday, February 11, 2008


A belated GONG XI FA CHAI to everyone! I hope those who were on holidays enjoyed your time away from work. I was shooting all through the holidays, so I didn't get any days off. But that's ok. I'm working on something I am very passionate about so I will actually be thinking, working and living this project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until it's all done, which will probably only be December this year.

And despite all the hours in the gym, my director told me he wants me to be more fit and have more stamina. So that's means more cardio exercise for me on top of the weights workouts I'm already doing. I managed to do a 4 km jog (ok, it was more like a fast walk) first thing this morning and I hope to be able to do that every morning for the next 2 weeks, at least.

Somehow, I still managed to drag my body to the gym on Sunday for a painful full leg workout.

Getting fit really is a full time job in itself! And boring most of the time...

And the next few days are full of meetings where I need to convince people to support my project. And do a lot of budget calculating. And a lot, and I mean A LOT of writing and research.

But it will all be worth it. Because it is a dream come true...
My apologies for the delay, but my posting on Anugerah Juara is now up on 'Style with Sasha'. To read it, just click here


the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

`Gong Xi Fa Cai' to you, too!!

May the year of the Rat brings good health, happiness & abundance of wealth!!

All the best to your new project... :) :)

Naziehah said...

That dress, the look is so..well, magical!

I agree with you on your 'Style with Sasha' posting. The colour of the dress is pretty unusual and that strikes me the most. You look like some modern medieval princess!

I think you dress the best on Anugerah Juara Lagu. :)

Arin said...

Good luck in your budget calculating ( meaning: ting tong ting tong the calculator), writing & research ..

Danya said...

The frock is absolutely gorgeous!! Tres chic on you, love.

Anonymous said...

Yes! You looked stunning on that dress! Envy... =)) Total princess!!

Happy V-day lovely Sasha!