Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another shoe question...

Ermm Sasha, what did you do if your shoes hurt you? Most of my shoes are monsters. I don't believe that we need to bite our shoes for the first time when we wear it. It is a myth right?

It is hard for me to find a right shoes especially my feet is a malay type which is big at the front.

Any ideas?

Yes, most of my shoes are monsters too! Pretty looking monsters, but can still cause unbelievable pain sometimes. As I said in one of my earlier replies, I try and wear the shoes around my house before an event. Putting a thin layer of lotion or powder inside the shoes also helps. I have heard about the belief that we need to bite our shoes before we wear them for the first time (a colleague of mine at Istana Budaya told me about it when she saw me walking around in obviously painful shoes!), but I still think the lotion or powder method is better.. :) I think there are quite a lot of people whose feet are wide at the front. The best advice I can give you here is to wear leather shoes as they can stretch a little bit, and when you find a pair of shoes that fit you well, buy as many as you can in as many colours. Better to have 20 pairs of the same designed shoe that you can always wear than 20 shoes that you will only look at cause they hurt!

Hope this helps. :)


BETTY A. said...

Am the one who always getting blisters when Im wearing those full pumps / patents shoes. I did bite it..heheh b4 i wear. No done. my solution? i go for sling backs!!

butterbrownie said...

all nice shoes are monsters !seriously