Sunday, February 24, 2008

losing it....

No chocolates
No carbohydrates
No sugar
No salt
No shopping
One borderline insane psychologically unstable human being named Sasha

It's ridiculous. I have read many articles about yoga masters that eat vegetarian meals every few days and fast the rest of the time while surviving on herbal water. They claim to have better energy and no illnesses because of this way of life. Let's see how long I survive like this.
I'm dying to go to a really huge buffet and staying for 4 hours to eat everything in sight.

According to yoga, that is just pure greed, and the body doesn't actually need it.

Whatever it is, I really feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes!


Miss BumbleBee said...

hi sasha,

i realize as a typical malaysian, eating is like a feasta, we enjoy our food sooo much :P!

last month when i listen to hotfm's weekend guest - chef wan, and he told us on radio 'his healthy diet', i was amazed. being bubly, fresh and healthy, still chef wan doest let his love in (eating) foods let him down. if u bump into him, im sure you can share lots more of his finest recipes on healthy foods.


Umi Mia said...

OMG.....teruknya nak slim...errkkk...takmau lah diet...I can't last a day not thinking about food...

nadia said...

u nk kawin is it...? heheh...

Anonymous said...

yeahh i wonder..! are u getting married soon? heehee just wondering.. cos i havent read ur blog for a few months since i went back to Msia, and when i start reading, all i've seen were like dieting, training, exercising.. wonder why...

anyway, gudluck then.. XD

Manis74 said...

But msian food abit fatty.Kalau tak jaga makan of everything.Makan saja ulam-ulam tempatan;).

Anonymous said...

u sure u can survive without eating anything?don't compare yr much-intensed workouts with is efficent as energy saver, tht's why yoga devotees can survive to hundreds of year just by eating veggies.on the other hand, yr work-outs, my gosh, is like u r prepping for eco-challenge or sumthing.anyway,bravo to us girls who love to work-out.stay fabulous!