Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WANITA January 2008 issue

WANITA January 2008 issue is out now.

While you're reading this, turn up the volume on your lap top or PC please. The angelic voice you will hear floating through your speakers is that of the very sweet and lovely Yanie. This song, simply titled 'Jatuh Cinta' is full of hope, despair and longing... emotions we can all relate to when it comes to love. It's Yanie's first single and I love it. The melody line and the sound of the piano just makes me stop and listen.

If you love it too, just scroll down to the bottom and you can download it.

All the best to you Yanie. I predicted very accurately that Siti and Ning were going to be big Malaysian stars the very first time I heard them sing.

You, are next my dear....

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