Saturday, December 22, 2007

TV3'S Indian Wedding of the Year - Hemanathan & Subhashini

Saturday morning. I mentally run through all of the major boring chores I have to do.....clean bathroom, do washing, fold clothes, do full workout, sweep floor, throw out rubbish.....

Suddenly I remember the date..hang on, it's Neerja's sister, Shubashini's wedding tonight....I think... Better call Neerja to make sure...

Me : Hey Neerja, when is your sister's wedding?
Neerja : Tonight lah!
Me : That's what I thought! Lucky I remembered and called you!

Neerja : You coming?

Me : Of course! I pakai sari ok! Glamour punya! Boleh?!!

Neerja: Boleh! Tapi jangan sampai you kalahkan my sister punya sari!

Me : Tak de lah! I will never steal the show from the bride!

So I slowly spent the day completing the household chores. Then came time to choose a saree to wear for the wedding. This is a wedding many were waiting for because Neerja, who worked with me during Explorace Season 3, her sister married Hemanathan who is the creator of Explorace and one of my bosses at TV3!

When I arrived, the first few people I saw were (from left to right in photo below) Yasmin, Kama and Neerja.
Yasmin, Kama, Neerja and myself used to share hotel rooms or apartments while we were travelling shooting Explorace. Kama was one of the producers in the show and Yasmin and Neerja were production assistants. Yasmin, Neerja and myself were always in trouble with Kama because we were the messiest people to share a space with. We used to have shopping bags, clothes, shoes, food, production notes, props and all kinds of things all over the place! I remember Kama always saying, "APA NI?!!! Kenapa bilik ni macam kapal pecah?! KEMAS!!!"

Once, Neerja had the nerve to answer back to her, "Too busy, tak de masa nak kemas. Kita lebih sibuk mencantikkan diri!"....."Ye ke?!" Kama would reply.."Tak de beza pun!!"

Kama says to me, "Eh, cantik juga you pakai sari.."
Me : "Thank you. Kalau Aishwarya Rai tengok I, dia menangis tak?"
Kama : "Dia bunuh diri terus sebab you lagi lawa daripada dia!"
Me : Oh thank you Kama!!! (though I really don't believe her!)

To Neerja, I say a.k.a my "Bollywood Sister"

Me : Wow! cantiknya sari you!!! Sesiapa yang belikan sari ni untuk you, such good taste they have...
Neerja : Yes, Sasha, I know you made a good choice...

(When I was in India shooting for Beauty Secrets, Neerja asked me to buy a nice sari for her so she could wear it to her sister's wedding. The one she is wearing is the one I bought for her. Cantik kan?!)

Not long after, the bride and groom made their entrance into the ballroom.

Nathan gave a thank you speech to all of his colleagues and guests for their presence.

The food was fantastic!!!! And look at the names given to the food dishes. They are all TV3 shows that Nathan has been involved in.

Some other familiar TV3 faces.

Intan Suraya a.k.a Che Ah! on Apa-Apa Aje and her husband, Abang Pian who was producer of Gangstarz.

Recognise this comedian?

Some of the 'TV3 family' who attended the wedding.

With the bride and groom...

Me : Subha, I love your jewellery set!!!!
Subha: Thank you! Ask Neerja to take you to the shop....

Me : I will!

To Nathan and Subha, congratulations and may your life together be filled with love and happiness. I'm so happy for both of you.....


Yatie said...

the saree and accesoceries looks so nice.

vasool raja MBBS said...

neerja looks so nice with her saree

AuTuMn_LeAf said...

it must be a GREAT day


Macam Suria&Asin
Happy honeymoon to nathan n shuba