Friday, December 21, 2007

A few sentimental things...

All of us have sentimental things in our possession that only really anything to ourselves. Mine are all kept in a wooden display cabinet in my room and here is a few of them that have very special significance to me.

This little chef looking man is a actually a cookie container.

My late grandfather in Australia (my mum's father) used to keep his cracker biscuits in here. I remember as a child that he would always be opening the cupboard throughout the day, taking a few, popping them into his mouth and then come back in a few hours for more. If my mum wasn't around, he would give me some. When he passed away, one of my strongest memories of him was those moments when he opened this cookie jar. A few years later, I told my grandmother the significance of this cookie jar to me and my memories of my grandfather and said if she ever didn't want to keep it anymore, to please give it to me. Thankfully she did. I don't keep anything it. It just sits safely in my cupboard.

When I was about 4 years old, I was in Germany with my family when I suddenly became very sick and needed an operation. I don't know what operation was done. Of course my parents were worried sick about having a sick child in a foreign country that needed an operation. My father really wanted to give me something when I woke up after the operation. And this little soft toy hedgehog in the photo above was the only suitable thing he could find in the hospital gift shop. Amazingly this soft toy did not perish in Highland Towers. Just by chance, the year before it fell, I took it to my grandparents place in Australia and left it there. So it survived. I was so happy to see it again. It's the only soft toy that remains from my childhood.

This blue soft toy was given to me by my cousin who lives in Scotland. He came down to Malaysia for a holiday and my dad took us all out to dinner at the Shangri-la hotel. He didn't realise it was my birthday and when he did, he went to the gift shop at the Shangri-La hotel and bought this for me. I think it's so cute and it has a squeaky thing in it so when you squeeze it, it squeaks. This is the only birthday present I have ever received from any of my cousins.

And last but not least is this really corny italian 'warrior' (?). One of my bestest buddies, Vernon Kedit aka Mr Manager bought this for me while he was in Italy. This is his idea of bringing back an Italian man for me.... ha ha ha... :) He still owes me a Dior handbag and 10 bottles of Armani Diamonds perfume. There is still space in my display cupboard.

I feel lucky to have small things like this that remind me of little fun moments in life. They are worth nothing to anybody else, but their significance to me is priceless.

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Hey! Just wanna say, have a great Christmas holiday. Have fun with your family and friends ya!