Saturday, December 29, 2007

I met Giuseppe Zanotti!!!

Not long ago, celebrity shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti was in KL!!! And I was one of the lucky people to have the honour to meet this creative genius. Regular readers may remember the black patent really high Zanotti heels that I have worn to a couple of events. He actually signed them for me!

To read the full story on 'Style with Sasha', just click here. Again, the article is in two parts, titled Zany Zanotti Part 1 and Part 2.



Felicia F. Ramzi said...

What im going to write has got nothing to do with the post..just wanna wish you, a Happy bombastic New Year. Hope for a joyous and prosperous 2008 for you!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! who went and scribbled all over ur beautiful heels?!?!? i mean, i cant really tell if the heels are nice or not, but anything by Vero Guoio is amazing...