Friday, December 28, 2007

a new fashion mission...

Some of you may now know about Aunty Barb. She gave me her wedding dress which I wore to the recent Anugerah Skrin. I just received from her today from Australia another one of her old gowns. It's a light dusty pink gown which is almost 50 years old. It needs a bit of cleaning and some thinking of how to style it. It has already been sent to my dry cleaner who does a fabulous job with all my stuff. It will be there for almost two weeks as it need to be cleaned gradually so as not to damage it and try to 'revive' it as much as possible. Then I will have to re asses it's condition and start thinking again about how to style this 'new' treasure.

I'm looking forward to the challenge. :)

By the way, I received the most flattering comment on 'Style with Sasha' and this blog on an earlier post. It read -
'I love everything vintage since reading your blog. You opened up my eyes. Thank you for that'

Well Aneesa, I hope you can now start trying to add touches of vintage into your wardrobe!

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Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Aneesa on her comments. Since reading your blog, I too have started to apprecciate things vintage..

And after reading your entry on Aunty Barb's wedding gown - I terus cari balik my baju nikah (well..its been eleven years already and I have neverrr everrr bothered before..nasib baik still ada). So now, I dah simpan elok-elok so that I can pass it down to my daughter one day!!